Faith Lyn is a singer, songwriter, musician, instructor and producer born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina. Faith found her inspiration for music and singing at the age of 12. Faith is proficient in playing several instruments, such as the piano, guitar, and violin. Her sound has often been described as a melodious blend between Amy Winehouse and Adele. After years of honing her skills, Faith eventually found her own sound, and created a new genre of music, in which she initially coined as SoulFolk  (now officially referred to as Alternative Pop). Faith has written and arranged numerous songs, and when she is not teaching, she is preparing for her next big project. Faith’s sultry voice and contoured guitar riffs, makes for a sound and style that’s uniquely hers. Faith’s a student of music and is always looking to improve her sound, she always says she wants to learn all there is to know about music. We all have a story and a unique way of sharing it. Faith writes from her experiences, and desires to share her story with the world through her music.


Atlanta, GA